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I wonder if you wondered too.

I wonder if you wondered too.

Saw a most unexpected person in my dreams last night.

And oddly enough, I received a most unexpected phone call from the said person this afternoon.

Things can just get spookier by the minute. I wonder if I should continue to marvel over the existence of coincidental events, or begin to loathe them.

On another note, it is a rather rare affair to see two design bookshops having book fairs on campus. I have been regularly dropping by the two book stands since Monday, flipping through the colourful pages for design inspirations and admiring the beautiful artwork – although I would mostly end up walking away dejectedly due to the high price of the books. A big percentage of the books on sale are worth about three times the average price of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, or perhaps a rough equivalent of fifteen Enid Blyton books of short stories – the ones I used to buy when I was younger, like uh.. ‘The Teddy Bear’s Tail’ or ‘The Tower of Ho-Ho Wood’. Or something.

I was not the only one either to complain and buy some of the expensive books on sale anyway. My friends and I frequently gasped and ooh-ed, exchanging bewildered looks when we asked for the price of a book. It is actually rather difficult to stay away from the book fair or leave without purchasing something – the temptation was simply too great. The books, some with the fresh, new smell on them, seemed to lure us enticingly, “Buy me, buy me!”. I am beginning to develop a weakness for design books now. To be added into the list which already contains chocolates and ice-creams – a list which is not very healthy, actually. After all, too much sugary stuff does no one good. The same applies to the design books, in a way – too many of them can make your wallet empty quickly. However, should you choose to think with much optimism, then the books will definitely bring more benefits, of course…

And then I gave a knowing look to my friend, and said, “We’ll open a shop selling these books one day.”

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