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Slow down, slow down.

Slow down, slow down.

Okay, so the SPM national examination results were out a few days ago. As usual, the front pages were splashed with grinning students holding up their results slip, their proud parents beside them with equally beaming faces, looking as though they conquered the world.

I am not sure if I should feel envious.. but 16As? Heck, I already had trouble trying to fulfil the requirement of taking up nine subjects (and which, of course, I did not get straight As for). The first thing that came to my mind as I read the newspaper report – was it really that necessary to take up sixteen subjects? I do not recall using anything related to Chemistry or Moral Studies for almost two years now, although I have been tested on them in the examinations. So what is the rationality taking up a record breaking sixteen subjects? I thought it would surely go to waste… soon. Now, my mind is simply not brimming with miscellaneous chemical reactions or physics equations anymore. No one has questioned me of what happened in Malaya back in 1841. Should it be “boleh membuat pertimbangan” or “boleh berfikiran secara logik dan terbuka”?

Then there is also the matter of good time organisation. No doubt there will be a way to stomach all facts and information of different subjects in a day – but perhaps you would only be left with only three or four hours of sleep per day – if you are lucky. Naturally, there will be no time for entertainment – although I still believe that ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. I must really admire the determination and efforts a person has to put in in order to achieve such desirable grades. Of course, having a results slip and a certificate decorated with plenty of As will definitely get him or her to the top of everything in the future – for example, university applications and job interviews. However, by then, most of the knowledge would not still be in the brain. Our mind is set to forever change, adding in new and recent things, throwing out old and unnecessary stuff.

Anyhow, I hope that this year’s top achiever is very much satisfied with her results (congratulations!). After all, we have read in the newspapers that a student in Seremban committed suicide upon getting her less-than-satisfactory results (may she rest in peace). Parents are anxious to cook only the healthiest and most expensive foodstuff for their children, to ensure that they will have a good memory to answer the test questions, and will not turn up sick during the day of the examinations. In short, the whole household will get into chaos, attempting to gear up their children for the best. Then there are also a few unfortunate ones who may get a scolding or two for not being able to perform up to expectations. This is just another proof that the education system in Malaysia has been so very much examination-oriented – to the point where everything that revolves around a student is only extra classes, books, good memorising skills, getting As, and more As.

On anoter note.. I almost always get an odd feeling whenever I recognise someone on the streets. It was as though your heart had thumped too hard against your ribcage, rendering you breathless. Then you began thinking if you should call out a friendly greeting, or silently skulk away.

While I was on the way to the doctor’s, I thought I saw an ex-classmate crossing the busy road, infested with honking cars and shoppers. He used to sit in front of me while we were in Form One, and there was plenty of time for us to uh.. bully each other. Anyhow, I had the opinion of him coming right through the pages of a magazine like a hot Calvin Klein model, for he looked so fine.. that I needed a second glance at him before the car I was in drove away after the traffic lights flashed green. Suddenly, he looked like a different person altogether. I am still not sure if was it really him, though.

New layout, by the way. Kindly drop me a note if it does not turn out right.

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