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What ifs and whatnots.

What ifs and whatnots.

It is indeed a very rare affair to have the Internet connection on campus down for three days. Therefore I was uh.. mildly shocked to see that the number of comments for the previous post was up to twenty. I always have the fear of writing rather controversial or biased entries, but the previous post does not seem to belong to either category.. so I was a bit taken aback. Other than that, life is still hectic and taking up most of my time (not like I have time for anything else productive) but still, some of the knowledge and experience I had gained from part of the never-ending process of learning has served as an eye-opener for me.

I spent a night in Klang on Monday with two other friends. One of them is a resident of Klang, and as such, is in no way a stranger to the things that may happen there. I have been fed with stories about robberies and the lack of security in the area. We were walking to the car after buying some foodstuff from a nearby 7-Eleven. The car was parked only a few metres away from the shop – the only trick was, we had to walk past the small road between two rows of shops – in other words, a backlane, an alley – and a not very well-lighted-up one at that too.

It would take only a duration of seven seconds to walk out of the dark lane. A normal person would choose a shortcut, in contrast to walking down the whole row of shops, reaching its end, and then turn to walk down another row of houses to get to the place desired – which would oh, probably take up to about a minute and a half. However, any lazy and ignorant person would also choose to walk down the shortcut than emerging sweaty and relatively uh, tired, after going one whole round of shops and houses.

We were about halfway through the backlane when we realised that there were a few men walking casually behind us. Alarm bells rang in our heads immediately, and my friends and I started walking briskly towards the car, which was parked in a residential area, in front of houses which were very much alive with occupants. That did not seem to calm us down though, and we jumped quickly into our car and shakily locked ourselves in. The guys who had been following us coolly walked past, although one of them did steal a glance back at us, and I detected what would have seemed like a devilish – or amused – grin on his face.

It was about 10pm then, though. Potential muggers, would-be rapists, serial killers? We will never know. In fact, it is so hard to judge a person by his or her looks – there goes the saying of ‘do not judge a book by its cover’. By all means, no one is born with the ability to make out the personality and characteristics of a person. Neither are we born to read people’s minds. Perhaps life would be more convenient or safer if you own the skill to do so – you can easily, among other things – detect a potential robber, or help fight crime, as cliched as that may sound – besides attempting to find our what your significant other would love to have for dinner, that is. But then again, that would mean an invasion of privacy and getting hold of random thoughts that may not exactly seem appealing – or even belong – to you, divulging secrets and private thoughts.

Anyhow, it never hurts to be suspicious of the happenings around you. I guess we were unnecessarily freaking ourselves out, but I think it is better to be safe than sorry. Or in our case, to act a little uh, stupid, than pay for the consequences later.

I did not manage to get a good night’s sleep that particular night – not exactly due to the experience still fresh in my mind – rather, a bunch of mosquitos were stealing my Zs and choosing instead to keep me awake with my helpless antics to fend them off. My other friend had a nightmare of a psycho killer pursuing and stalking her that night, though.

Life is unpredictable, after all.

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