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Was looking through the recruitment pages (a daily routine, lately), when one caught my eye.


“Dad, are you going down to town tomorrow? Might need a lift,” I began cautiously.
“Sure, where to?”
“Times Square. There’s a job fair there…”
“Ah, then of course you should go check it out.”
”... for the new bookstore.”
“Eh? You crazy ah? They’ll make you work until you drop!”

And it is true, I think. I would not last long as a salesperson, and to top it off, I detest being one myself. ‘Ability to work a flexible rotating roster, including extended trading hours, weekends and public holidays’ – so says the advertisement. But I was not aiming for that type of position. In fact, the positions available did not seem to fit me – except that I do have a passion for books, music and movies – that was one of the requirements that interested me in the first place. I thought I would at least try and see if there would be any other jobs available – most probably not, though.

“Well, maybe you can try the management trainee thing for the bookstore. But you do have a degree in design, you know. There are a lot of vacancies for graphic designers,” my mother reminded me.

It is strange that now, with only less than a month left to the completion of my degree studies that I keep thinking that I had enrolled for the wrong course, after all.

Still, I love the idea of being surrounded by books, music and movies. I really do. Being surrounded by the smell of new books, listening to music all day long, screens projecting the latest movie releases – not to mention the possibility of getting discounts for purchases (and stealing a movie poster or two) – why not?

When I was younger, I often contemplated getting a job at one of the bookstores in town – unfortunately, I had an unpleasant experience with their customer service representative and that stopped me in my tracks. I suppose she was not taking a kid’s request for a hard-to-find book that seriously – but I could do without that frown on her face. Then, I thought I would try out for a well-known music store, but… no, I do not remember why it did not happen.

Well, a lot of things just do not fall into place. If it is not meant to be, then… sigh.

And do Jobstreet and JobsDB really work?

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