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Oh firewire, where art thou...

Oh firewire, where art thou…?

Aha. She told me she never paid any attention to the bus she gets on to get to the city – as long as it has the words ‘Kota Raya’ on it. Personally, I found it quite a silly excuse – she lived in the area for twenty years now, and still does not know of the correct bus to take down to the city? I accepted her apology anyway. We did not argue about it though.. she brought up the subject herself. And yes, it is rather ridiculous if we were to quarrel over such trivial issues – and even more so that I have to publish about my unfortunate ordeal online – but I have to admit that I can get really sensitive at times – and that I was truly frustrated and hot tempered at that time. So yes, everyone, watch out.

This weekend is going to be a busy one. Another wedding (an important one, actually, and I hope it comes only once in the wedding couple’s lifetime) dinner to attend, despite loads of assignments and a possible photography trip to Kuala Selangor – again. Whenever family gatherings and mention of weddings arise, relatives would start to scrutinise and look at me from head to toe, as if challenging me to be a participant at a local bachelorette contest or something. After teasing my sixteen-year-old cousin who has grown a goatee over the holidays – and which, I too, had innocently laughed along with them without realising that I was to be their next target – they turned to me.

“So when are you getting a guy for yourself?”

At this point, my mother interjected: “See, I have laid out some rules.. he must not have a goatee or moustache. Must be neat and tidy…” and a few other qualities my future boyfriend should have. To this, I widened my eyes in surprise, because I know that it will be truly lucky (and next to impossible, actually) to find a guy that will return my love – and my mother is narrowing down the chances by giving out all these rules. The others began to roar in laughter again, while my grandmother added, “Nah, she looks like a polite young lady; I am sure she will manage to get an equally well-mannered young man for herself.” All the while, I tried desperately to concentrate hard on the glass of red wine in front of me.

I thought my mother was just making jokes to add up to the atmosphere during dinner, and confronted her when we were back at home an hour or so later.

“Did you really mean what you said? The one on the guys?”

She looked at me and said, “Of course!”

People are definitely going to be drawing comparisons between my brother and I this weekend. When I attended my cousin’s wedding dinner last year, people were discussing and pointing at his siblings as well. It is going to be my turn now. I can just imagine what would happen then.

“There.. the one in black? That’s his sister.”
“Eh? Why so small-sized wan?”
“And she doesn’t wear makeup!”

Sigh. No doubt it will be easy to say ‘oh, to hell with what people think’. But it is definitely not easy to think that it never happened.

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