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Two months, and counting.

Two months, and counting.

The event did not turn out as bad as I imagined. I thought it went rather well, despite a rather obvious audio glitch. I revered at the fact that no one knew who I was. A case in point bought a silly grin to my face everytime it came to my mind. She was dressed in a sleeveless denim top, with matching navy blue jeans, and looked very much like one of my coursemates. Only that Miss Denim is a bit talkative, and could be easily three to four years younger than me. I spotted her looking at me from head to toe, while I was fiddling with my camera, killing time while waiting for the wedding couple to walk in from the garden.

“Hey.. so you are the official photographer woman here or something?”
“Uhm, not really. I’m the bridegroom’s sister, actually.”
“Oh!.. Okayyy..”

Ah, geez. Why do I still find that funny?

Anyhow, besides yours truly as a self-appointed ‘photographer’ ‘playing’ around with her camera, there was a really professional photographer armed with equally professional gear – after all, he was using a digital SLR camera with a big mounted flash, as opposed to my small and trusty manual SLR camera. Another advantage was that he was of bigger size too, and was easily blocking my view and seizing my opportunities to snap good pictures of the wedding couple. And he made them pose for the camera, before the cake cutting ceremony which was held out in the balcony, with the marvellous Petronas Twin Towers looming behind them. That would make a splendid picture, no doubt about it.

I am still thankful that I have never listed my future profession as a photographer. We usually see a group of photographers and journalists hoarding a certain celebrated individual, with accompanying camera flashes and big microphones being shoved to the interviewee. I will not be a part of all those, see – rather, I am sure that I will be the mere piece of flattened flesh on the ground, after being stomped and losing out to the more experienced and competitive photographers. And then, I will never reach a certain amount of fame to be stalked like that.

Whee, found the firewire already. At least I do not need to fork out money to replace its loss.

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