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I won't get tired of you.

I won’t get tired of you.

I sat at the edge of the bed and peered out of the window, feeling the cool rainy breeze and watching a game of football. For a while, I wondered at the sight before my eyes – a bunch of guys playing football during a thunderstorm – could it be considered as: a) sexy, b) crazy, c) ignorant?

It brought a hint of amusement though, to know of the extremes a person could go, out of love and affection for something. In this case, I have no doubt that the footballers were indeed big fans of the game, or were practising for some big tournament. Splashing in the puddles of brown mud on the wet field, raindrops pelting down heavily, with lightning flashing and thunder rumbling from the distance – the guys did not seem to waver in the game. Rather, they were still running around madly, trying to penetrate into their opponent’s defenses.

I do not know how did the adjective ‘sexy’ came about, though. Really. It just sprang into my mind. Perhaps it was the images of male models emerging from crystal clear water and showing off their well-toned bodies – adorning the pages of magazines and newspapers that seem to dominate my mind at that moment.

And I have to say that they were crazy to not put their lives as their priority out on the football field. One might get zapped by lightning at any particular moment – it was a heavy thunderstorm, after all. Or they might be covered in their warm comfort of their blankets and shivering from the cold, then walking around campus with a flu the next morning.

I guess everyone else is ignorant in one way or another, too. Ignorant of the consequences that may come their way during or after the game of football in the rain, that is.

Now, please do not get me wrong – I am not picking on a bunch of innocent guys who do not even know of my existence in the first place. I am just amazed at the fact that I have not really seen or experienced a lot of things in this world. Yet.

Like playing football during a thunderstorm.

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