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Screwing up something has never been...

Screwing up something has never been so depressing.

I never thought war would happen in my lifetime. It simply did not cross my mind, for I thought that wars are things past – where countries are still in the midst of development and expanding their borders, conquering regions rich with spices and gold. Anything that would make another country wealthy. I guess that is what five years of history lessons can do for you.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that I am quite ignorant when it comes to world-related matters such as this. I have always not the interest in politics and general knowledge. The skills I had practised during my short stints playing trivia had diminished, thanks to a deader-than-a-doornail Dalnet. As such, I still do not know who is in the right or wrong. Perhaps in war, no one is considered correct. Is this a battle for survival, for territorial advances? A fight to wipe out a certain country, or get rid of only one man? So where do the innocent civilians stand? Decisions were made by politicians; yet the ones who suffered were citizens. What irked me was the belief regarding the ‘weapons of mass destruction’, and the irony of it was that the biological weapons were sold to them by the very same country which is now adamant in advancing with military force.

Somehow there is something ironic to all this. I could not help but feel a little tickled by the sombreness and the seriousness exuded by politicans while giving out their talks live on television. Then there is the matter of a having a double to give out a speech when war is looming ahead.

After them, who will be next?

I guess we have not heard the last of war yet. It will exist as long as we do.

The news channels will probably be talking about it all day anyway.

For an insight in the situation, go here.

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