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I wish you would go to hell.

I wish you would go to hell.

I wish you would crash the car and have both your legs amputated.
I wish you would be rammed over by another light blue Waja.
I wish you would go through ten thousand painful deaths.
I wish you would be subjected to eternal damnation.
I wish you would be forever shunned by the public.
I wish you would be plagued with misfortune.
I wish you would be caught by the authorities.
I wish you would pay dearly for your crimes.

The above is dedicated to the car thief who drove away my mother’s car this morning – our two-year-old Proton Waja. It sure is hard to express myself, what with my limited vocabulary and lack of good swear words.

It was stolen from right in front of our house – right under our very noses. If we are not safe in this place we called home, we are not safe anywhere. I still half expect the car would be returned to us, that this is all a nightmare. But reality is so.

It is very disturbing to note that we have been watched and pried upon. That my father’s daily routine of reversing the car and parking it in front of the house, a few minutes before my mother would drive it to work. And somehow, that few precious minutes were a blessing for the thief this time.

And to think that yesterday my father had turned to me and said, “You had better learn how to drive this car soon.” I did intend to have a go at it sometime during my term break, which is in about two weeks’ time. There were chances for me to do it earlier, but I waved away the opportunities. It is true that we do not appreciate the things we own, until it is gone.

We still have the car keys. But there is not much use for it now, is there?

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