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You're my Dharma.

You’re my Dharma.

First, it started with a war which was unnecessary. I remember signing a peace petition a few months back, but I was merely following a lecturer’s instructions. Everyone must sign it, he had said. Frankly, I had not the interest to sign it, although I am aware that perhaps my inclusion would change what the future might hold in store for us. It could be peer pressure that made me sign my name on the paper as well, before I passed it along. After all, some of my friends signed it twice; even thrice. Guess what, war went ahead despite protests from people all over the world. I still believe there are other ways to solve the problem at hand than throwing soldiers out into the battlefield, dropping missiles and bombs into buildings, and having unfortunate civilians grieving of their lost and fallen loved ones.

Now, there is a sudden epidemic, the SARS disease spreading into Asian countries, resulting in deaths and putting more into hospitals. Airline schedules are disrupted, band tours are cancelled, tourism industry affected. Everyone wears a white mask in an attempt to not come into contact with the virus. There are suspicions that the outbreak of the disease may be related to terrorism, but no one knows for sure.

I am amazed that these two things happen at a similar time. But it has triggered a chain reaction; one thing leads to another. War. Disease. Famine. Development stalls. Economy downturn. Poverty.

I wonder. What is this world coming to? Or worse: what will be up next?

Perhaps I should not place so much worry on this. After all, I am just a puny human living in this part of the world. Whatever I do, may not make a significant difference.

Or I am just feeling nonchalant of the world’s happenings. Shall try to place more attention to my examinations this week, then.

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