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Kept away.

Kept away.

I feel so… different. That is it, the two papers over and done with. No pictures now, only memories. All that is left to do is just the grueling wait for the results, and hopefully, the convocation ceremony months later.

Oh, and getting a job, of course. I keep forgetting that.


What to do next?

Ah, yeah. That smiley face. The one in grey.

Spent almost two hours browsing and reading up on the profiles of friends long forgotten, ogling at pictures, amazed at how much they have changed. I make quick searches, hoping to get a glance or two of the ones whose names had suddenly popped into my mind, after having remaining dormant for oh-so-long. I was not very successful. It has been years, after all.

Then I take a step back, and leave them; back to their lives in unknown, faraway lands.

We come and go. It will be highly unlikely that we can continue to shed tears both of joy and sorrow with them, and to touch the lives of those around us. A cycle, it is – new names will eventually grow old and get replaced, flicked away into the deep, hidden corners of the mind.

Do we not wish we could go around and proclaiming that, “We’ve been friends since we were months old! We shared the same brand of diapers, y’know!”? Not all of us have that… privilege, so it makes me a bit envious at times whenever I see the words ‘Lifelong Friends’ appear below the names of two smiling contestants for reality shows. Despite everything, they are still at it together.

Will my book run out of pages if I write in it the names of those who I have been fortunate enough to be associated with – ‘friends’, is that how we call them? Or just mere acquaintances?

Doubt it.

Yes, I have gone ahead and created an account on Friendster, as promised to myself not too long ago. If you know me well enough, you will definitely know how to find me.

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