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Snap, and you're in.

Snap, and you’re in.

It has been a relatively quiet April Fool’s. It must be due to the sober and serious mood which currently hovers over everyone like dark, stormy clouds. Of course, most of us are busy hiding behind our thick notes and books to care anyway.

I was extra cautious this time around, though. But the April Fool jokes came on anyway, through the net. There were forwarded messages with URLs leading to various websites, such as:

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates murdered at Los Angeles charity event
Reloaded Delayed Until August 22nd
Popular Hong Kong pop superstar and actor jumps to his death

I double checked and tried to determine the truth to each link. I was being cautious, remember?.. or paranoid. Until the third one in relation to Hong Kong superstar Leslie Cheung came around. I realised that BBC, Yahoo! News and some other international Chinese news portals would not team up in such a big media conspiracy. How could so many news agencies gang up together for some lame piece of April Fool joke?

It was pretty ironic that it happened on a day when everyone would rather have fun playing pranks and tricks at each other, than setting it as a sombre death anniversary to remember Leslie Cheung – in particular to people from the East, anyway. I am not a big fan of his movies and music – in fact, I do not listen much to Canto-pop or new music genres defined as Korean pop, J-pop, or go nuts over anime – but neither do I worship everything from the West. I particularly enjoyed his Double Tap, though. Of course, all this boils down to an individual’s preferences…

Sometimes I think I write too much.

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