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One more for hire, a wonderful liar.

One more for hire, a wonderful liar.

Beautiful sky, today.

Last weekend’s sunset was really nice, with its many dazzling colours. Huge, fluffy clouds over the horizon. It looked as though it were a nuclear bomb explosion, clouds gathered thickly; the sky smeared with firey red and orange. I am thankful that I managed to still have a chance to admire such beauty, while elsewhere, the same colours may decorate the sky; although not for the same reason, or from the same source. Those would be the colours from real smoke and fire, and it would continue to burn very much longer than the short few minutes the duration of a sunset is normally visible.

When I was younger, I was fed some rather odd tales from my friends: that there are indeed some people living up in the clouds, and that would be the place they called heaven. While taking the school bus back home, I would try to take the window seat and squint at the sky, straining to detect any probable equally white fluffy figures staring back at me from above. Somehow, I always imagined some tall figure with a long, menacing trident living atop the clouds.

Eh, it sounds so eerie now.

Then there were other times when I would try to determine some clouds’ shape. Cat being chased by a dog, its tail impossibly long behind it. Attempt to make or understand any premonition it might have. There was also the matter with lightning and thunder. Someone had once told me that God was trying to get rid of Satan or some evil powers, by unleashing blinding flashes of light onto Earth. When there was thunder, it would meant that it hit the evil spirit.

Of course, all that came about before we went to high school to study Science.

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