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Thirty seven days and still counting.

Thirty seven days and still counting.

Been looking through the papers, and there were still articles and readers’ opinions on a normal child’s schedule. It could be one of the negative impacts on the minds of our society these days, courtesy of the Malaysian education system, which stresses only on the bulks of As, and more As. We could have been influenced by our more kiasu neighbours down south. Perhaps parents nowadays tend to get paranoid easily, what with the many happenings in this world.

I wonder what made the parents think that their children could perform as efficient as robots. Tuition centres, piano lessons, dancing sessions, choir groups, language classes.. the list seems endless. True, children should involve themselves in art and creativity. But will it really work if the child chooses to complain, hide, and as a result does not excel in the ‘extra’ activities the parents shoved to them (I wonder if they get a lashing for undesirable results too, instead of words of encouragement for the children to do better next time)? On top of that, we have schools giving out ridiculous rules such as forcing the students to join two or three clubs besides taking part in sports activities.

It is a norm to see children and teenagers rushing from school to tuition centres these days. There was a time when I had to go for tuition and Mandarin classes, piano and ballet lessons. First to drop off the list was ballet, because I had lost interest in it. My piano grades dropped alarmingly that I failed my Grade 5 practical examinations. I had not much problems juggling with my two ‘academically inclined’ classes after that.

I suppose it is kind of freaky to have a child acknowledge that he likes attending classes at school for both sessions – morning and afternoon. Then there are those who frequent two tuition centres, to compare notes and get more tips for examinations. It is a wonder that the child does not suffer from headaches and confusion from attending these classes and having too much information loaded into their minds. Although I doubt that they will enjoy their busy lifestyle, I think they will rather continue it for the sake of decorating their report cards and academic certificates with more distinctions and As. Also, to avoid their parents from nagging and comparing them to their neighbour’s cousin’s father’s daughter’s son’s many strings of As in his report card.

If the children were made to have busy schedules and timetables since young, I wonder what would happen to them twenty years later; when they are all grown up, and ready for work. Will they explode in frustration at the sight of never-ending piles of work, or will they go about working nonchalantly – because they have received enough practice since young to deal with it? Will all the pressure and stress drive him or her up the wall? Will the mere sight of a ‘lowly’ B, in turn, have them send their children to four tuition centres?

Anyhow, I just realised that the world of design and web hosting in Malaysia is indeed wicked. And complicated as well. Aargh.

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