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So I thought I would be able to truly relax and not give a damn to anything much during the term break. So far it has been going along rather fine – putting more residential zones, running out of money, getting extra funds from having missile experiments conducted in my city, attempting to extinguish fires with the help of the only fire station in the city – oh well, just another normal day in a Simcity mayor’s work.

But going for driving lessons again, is not particularly on my to-do list for the holidays. In fact, I thought the days of driving under a probably paranoid instructor would be long gone. However, I was told to refresh my memory and improve on my driving skills – which have not been put to use since I passed the driving test nearly two years ago.

This is not right.

These days, I check my website referrers, and am feeling a little creepy by the search engine entries that brought visitors here. It is not like they stumbled here through frequently searched keywords like “how+to+get+laid” or “what+does+emp+stand+for”. Rather, it is the one definite word that people typed into the search box to get here: Rantglass. Now, this got me thinking of the security and anonymity of my website, and had me wondering where will I go from here should people know who I am. Of course, the solutions I can think of is to start everything anew – a new handle, and a new name for the blog (or whatever you want to call it); or to resort to doing a simple magic trick and poof!.. disappear suddenly and mysteriously, just like that.

It would be hard to let it go after all this while. This is just not right.

And as the much awaited day draws near, I am trying desperately to stay spoiler-free. However, every single click of the mouse seems to lead me to plot revealing details regarding Matrix: Reloaded and Matrix: Revolutions. I had already known too much from the bits and pieces of information gathered since four years ago; yet, the spoilers are popping out from almost every corner of the net, bigger and bolder than ever, as it nears the date of release. I tend to chide myself for knowing too much, but the temptation of reaching out to more juicy information is just too hard to resist. The thought-provoking articles I have read, the mind boggling words I have absorbed, the beautiful production pictures I have seen. I am afraid that I will walk out of the cinema disappointed and dissatisfied by what might be the Wachowski brothers’ last major movie production, due to my high expectations for the so-called sequels.

Like what Princess Fiona would say: “But this isn’t right!”

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