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Bzzt, bzzt.

Bzzt, bzzt.

Something does not seem right somewhere. I guess the worst part to it is not being able to exactly point out the source. Now, it is bugging me like a fly around my ears, complete with the monotonous drone normally associated with the insect. Perhaps I am not going to sleep well tonight..

After a long time of not being able to remember dreams, I recall a bit of the one I had last night. Alarmingly so, it involved Lecturer A. Yes, he rejected my artwork again – but not before making away with my six mini packets of cornflakes. I believed he saw my amused expression on my face when he explained he wanted to have the Coco Crunch and Kelloggs as bait for his fishing trips.

The Matrix Reloaded trailer was simply awesome and mind blowing. Double whoa. Still hoping that the censorship board will not scissored it much – after all, it uh.. involves sci-fi violence and sexuality, given its R rating (and I know more than you do!). No. Actually, the board is welcome to take away some uh.. scenes. As long as they do not shelf the movie and gave a public statement on the national papers the next day: “There Is No Real World Anymore”. I can just imagine what they will put as the reasons for the ban: fight scenes not appropriate due to the current war in Iraq, hand-to-hand combats not healthy due to SARS (discouraging human contact), romantice scenes might produce bad sexual influences on our teenagers.. and oh! Playing superman is a big no-no as well. We do not want to have kids plunging to their deaths from a secluded castle somewhere in the jungles. Right, by the way, superman is not supposed to be wearing black. If the movie is banned, then.. la dee da, I shall be paying the local pasar malam a visit. Hmph. And I shall try to locate a Powerade.

About four people have confirmed their presence for the Blog: The Gathering #2 – Choons, ToForgive, mockinbird, and Lee Cheng. However, if less than eight people are going, I think I am going to call it off – unless there is a good reason to not do that. Lunch, and a movie – which would most probably be The Recruit, until something better comes along.

Blog: The Gathering #2 Details:
Date: 26th April 2003 (Saturday)
Time: 11am
Venue: Meet up beside the waffles stall in the food court at the centre part of KLCC (below TGV).

On air now: Prayer for England, Massive Attack

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