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Deck! Uhm..

Deck! Uhm..

Of all the entries I have written for Rantglass here, it has to be the previous one that had me thinking twice, thrice, a few times before posting and publishing it online. I still have that uneasy feeling that seems to denote that I had made a terrible mistake – because:

1) it was too long, I did not think anyone would have manage to read it until the end;
2) it could jeopardise a few relationships;
3) it was too personal.

And now that I have already posted it up online, I still get second (har har) thoughts about it. Since it is already up here, so stay it shall be. I have yet to delete any entries, and I do not think that I should start now, simply because it would defeat the purpose of having a weblog/journal/hybrid/whatever. I believe mine is more of a journal than a blog – although there are rather weak reasons to indicate the latter – my entries are published through Blogger; I am the administrator of what I would call the local blog net ring BolehBlogs, I attempt to be present at my own Blog: The Gathering (and April 26th’s is not going to happen unless eight people say yes!).. heck, all of those words contains the word ‘blog’ in it. Anyhow, if you are still in the dark – then this guide in Diarist.net should shed some light.

I do not exactly write about what happens to me in a day. I do not write about what I had for breakfast, lunch, dinner. I do not post up Friday Fives. I rarely post links to other websites of interest and humour. However, I seem to be writing down my thoughts on random and equally useless issues. I used to write everyday – but not anymore. I wrote because I love to read the responses and feedback based on a certain topic.

Things have changed, blogs have evolved.. perhaps into something else. More functions and purposes. I was amused to see a new addition: Blogshares. Although most of the blogs do not, technically, qualify as a blog – the word is still widely used. Why could not there be a Journalchalking, or a Journalrolling?

Is this a blog, or a journal? Hovering between the two? It is a blog because it is going with the flow – everyone else calls it that anyway. It is also a journal because, heck, it is a journal.

Frankly, I see no point in writing this entry, because I also seem to be contradicting myself.. I really should leave this confusion behind.

Getting 16/30 (53%) for this quiz is so, so wrong. I am embarassed the score could not be lower.

And surprise! No strizzt+photo available here. :)

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