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Why are we Wizard's First Rule?

Why are we Wizard’s First Rule?

Blog: The Gathering #2 went rather fine, I think, albeit being short and all (my apologies!). My enthusiasm sort of went down the drain after having my plate of waffles, whereby the scoop of strawberry ice-cream tasted like the antibiotics I used to have when I was younger. Like all medicines (or anything tasting like it), I began to feel sleepy. Still, I managed to detect a few recognisable faces among the KLCC crowd and slid down further into my chair.

I left at around 2.45pm to indulge myself in smelling the new books available at Kinokuniya. There were rows of plastic-wrapped Drizzt Do’Urden books, and I marvelled at the sight (and the price, as well). Still in a state of delirium after having a talk on the fantasy genre with Choons earlier during the meetup, I picked up the books lovingly and put them back after having a good look at them. While I was daydreaming about finding time to read the Forgotten Realms books my brother own, an arm reached out from my right to take the Icewind Dale trilogy book off the shelf. The guy flipped through it slowly. His friend edged him to purchase it.

“Buy it!” My mind wanted to scream at him. “It’ll be well worth the price!” Of course, being the quiet and ignorant individual that I am, I pretended not to notice even when he took another book which nearly sent the book next to it drop onto my shoes. The two guys launched into a brief conversation, deciding who to buy which Forgotten Realm books (I would have said “Get all of them!”) so that they could share among themselves. Bah. It was all talk but no action, for then they walked away, empty-handed.

I stared at the books longingly before leaving the bookstore. Sigh. It will be quite a while before my dear brother places another order for the books at Acmabooks.

It is good to see that bookstores are still filled with people flipping through the pages curiously, sitting comfortably on the benches available. Whether they will proceed to buy the book or not, it will be a different matter altogether. After all, it was often reported that we Malaysians hardly pick up even one book to read in a year.

And no, there was not a Matrix Powerade to be seen while I was in KLCC. Argh.

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