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Our best intentions may not be the best solution.

Our best intentions may not be the best solution.

Just spreading the Matrixy love, heh. :) Also gave a face-lift to the other parts of this website.

After a four-week-break, I guess it is time to head back to university and begin a whole new year of studies. I can feel it in my bones that this time around, things are going to be really different. New subjects, new lecturers, new workload, a chosen major, and to top it off – new housemates, too (if all things go well, that is). Never have I imagined I will soon be sharing a room with her. I have always admired her for her determination and the way she handles difficult situations with much strength and vigour. I think we will be two completely different personalities, an unlikely combination, but as they say: opposites attract. I have to admit that it will be a bit odd for us both to be living under one roof though, but we shall see how it goes. Change is inevitable, I guess.

It has always been said that as you grow older, you get wiser too. I am not too sure about that. Life in university is somehow considerably better than high school, and I do not really understand why. No uniforms, no petty rules? No teachers breathing down your neck, no extra lessons for public examinations? Two years to go before graduation, and I have not given a thought as to what I will be doing then. Perhaps it is still too early to come to a decision, but I guess I am going to follow the crowd and head out to find myself a job, then.

Anyhow, I think I am also caught up in the hype over X2. I have been religiously unscrambling letters to form words related to the movie in Digi’s SMS contest – and, in the process, spending buckets from the bulk of SMSes sent, my excuse being I was ‘helpfully’ clearing up the remaining credit of my parents’ cellphone. Perhaps I shall go watch the movie this Friday, then. I have difficulty remembering the last time I went to the cinema. It should not have been that long, though. My memory seems to be failing me these days.

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