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Magic in forgiveness; Wizard's Fourth Rule.

Magic in forgiveness; Wizard’s Fourth Rule.

Suddenly things seem to look brighter. Nope, it is not only because of the light bulb that I just changed. Still, I am in a dilemma of some sort regarding my room and current living arrangement. Discussion, discussion. Kick me out. I am the bad housemate. Bad. I am left confused, right on.

From a long four years, the clock is still ticking, edging closer to the date of release for the Matrix movies, to a mere ten days. Excitement. Expectations run high, no doubt. In fact, it is so high that I find myself worrying about the state of the two movies. I have refrained myself from calling it sequels, because I am not really sure if would it be correct to describe them as such.

The thrill to watching the upcoming two movies will not quite be at its peak, mainly because the idea has been introduced almost four years ago. It was a sleeper hit back in 1999, refreshingly different from the other movies churned out in at that particular time. In fact, I had to be coaxed to buy a ticket and plonk into a seat with a room full of people on a weekday night. I went into the cinema, not expecting to come out enlightened and wowed by it all. ‘Wooden’ acting. Beautiful visual effects. Symbolism and philosophy at its abudance. Martial arts. Guns, lots of guns. Black. And cool. It was truly an eye opener for me, for I have been wondering about life and its purposes at that very same time. Incidently enough, the movie was released and instead of providing answers, it gave me more questions – to which I do not think I will ever have the answers to in my lifetime.

Now, we know how the story goes, at least. Ask “What is the Matrix?” and you will receive mind boggling answers, as opposed to the odd and confused look you might get in return when the first movie was released. This time around, I think it is going to be heavy eye candy, but without much depth as the first movie (perhaps because we have already been informed and absorbed more details since then).

I think it is almost the same case as Star Wars. Episodes IV, V and VI were released back in the 1970s, whereby its achievement of special effects surpassed its limitations of that decade, which was why it was hailed as different. Episodes I was released, to only lukewarm reviews – and perhaps overshadowed by the emergence of another movie which went on to received Oscars in all four categories it was nominated for.

Fast forward a few years, and while everyone is waiting for the two Matrix movies with bated breath, we are bombarded with miscellaneous advertisments and merchandise, ranging from a phone to an energy drink; heck, even Heineken. Animatrix. Three series to the action figures from McFarlane(!!). The action game available in all types of format to cater to everyone. Everyone knows what the Matrix is, now.

It is everywhere.

2003 is, indeed, the year of the Matrix.

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