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Full day ahead.

Full day ahead.

I accidently got electrocuted twice. Three times, on purpose. That makes a total of five. In one day.

Alright, perhaps ‘electrocute’ was too heavy and harsh a word. I would not be sitting here still, would I? I guess I got five minor jolts, only by doing something as simple as touching the casing of my idle CPU, although it was connected to a power outlet already switched on. I still could not figure out how to solve the problem. I have opened it up and checked if everything is intact and properly connected to the right points, but still… and the thing is, people kept asking me to touch it again and again, after they have recommended various solutions. The only way to check it is, of course, to actually stick a finger and see if you would get jolted again.

It was such an eerie feeling to have a tingle going up from my finger to somewhere below the elbow, accompanied with a ‘tak’ sound. You would not be sure if the next time you touch it again, the feeling would have gone through your whole body – and the next thing you know, you find yourself lying on a hospital bed or something. As I type this now, I am still not sure if am I having imaginary jolts going up my fingers faintly through the keyboard.

Radioactive spiders. Experiments gone wrong. Inadequate computer performance?

Not long after that, I indulged myself in fantasies. Like, having a self-transformation to become a being with an exceptional gift or power. We have both friendly and evil ones already coming alive from comic books to the silver screens. What differentiates the good and the bad, is the road they chose to tread on. You can either be a goody two shoes, sew your own costume, and go around town helping people in need. Or you can unleash your power at any unfortunate soul who happens to be working in a bank, and you get a few cool million bucks as a bonus.

I wonder if are there truly any people in this world who owns beneficial superpowers. An advertisment for a particular documentary programme on television seems to denote so. I am no George Malley, though.

Still no lightning from my fingertips. Darn it.

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