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Four years to two days.

Four years to two days.

While I was walking out to dinner earlier, I saw two guys having a sort of a leisurely stroll after a game of sports, approaching from my right. They were singing to themselves a la karaoke, but I could not make out the words; or what song they were singing, for that matter. It was only after I walked past them, I felt kind of odd listening to the all too familiar words and rhythm. They looked to be serenading each other with a Backstreet Boys hit song, and for a moment I nearly burst out in uncontrollable laughter. A grin still escaped me, though. They sounded like two drunkards, albeit swaying just mildly, but it was a comical sight all the same.

We have people admitting to singing in their showers while balancing a cake of soap, or when out on the roads weaving in and out of traffic, or in any other situation possible. They could be either pop stars wannabes, or just plain singing for the sake of it. Sometimes you find yourself singing along to a favourite song, and it comes about as natural as breathing. And you would not really care if you could make glass break into a thousand pieces, or drive everyone else away to a safe and careful distance. More often than not, people usually teased their friend’s singing when big drops of rain start to splash onto the ground.

Makes me wonder, though, why do some people usually sing when they are in the shower. Is that considered stereotyping, or is bathing a boring chore that requires some added entertainment? Perhaps the fact that the sounds of running and splashing water would drown out the (horrible) singing, makes one safe and secure enough to belt out whatever music that crosses their mind at that particular moment? Or that they thought that there is not anyone else in the bathroom to hear them sing…

No, I do not sing in the shower. In fact, I hardly do, so do not expect me to go win a Grammy or two in the future.

Phew.. I was having great difficulty restraining myself from watching The Matrix on a local television station last Saturday. Anyhow, I did catch bits and pieces here and there, for the sake of watching the Matrix-related advertisments during the break. I did not want to tune in because I did not like the idea of watching my favourite movie of all time laden with advertisments popping up from every corner of the screen when the movie was being shown; and also because I had originally planned to watch it on Wednesday, a public holiday – in preparation for The Matrix: Reloaded, whereby I could be paying a visit to the cinemas this Friday.

Wow, the new movies are so terribly hyped up – and also here, on this very website. I think it has been the only thing I have been writing about these few weeks. But it was truly good to reminisce and indulge myself in those memories of the past, and round it all up to the present, today.

Four years to two days. Will there be anything else worth looking forward to after this?

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