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That's a nice trick.

That’s a nice trick.

Oh. My. Gawd.


It did not start out good enough. I did not get my favourite seat. I was sandwiched between two guys. Three chattering friends behind me discussed among themselves about the number of times they have watched the movie. “I’ve waited this for four years!” “I’ve watched it 18 times!” “I slept through the first movie…” “You what?!” What amused me most was the wrong answer given by one of them when asked by another on the definition of the Matrix. I cannot remember exactly what it was.. but it was something in the lines of “computer using our brains so we cannot see, taste and touch”. (At that, I heard an annoying buzz of a TET being played in my mind – the sound normally heard in game shows whenever the wrong answer to a question is given)

The movie did not end good enough, either. Stupid cinema did not play the Revolutions trailer at the end of the movie. I came out a bit disappointed though, and it was not solely because of the words “To be concluded” at the end of the movie. It was not as good as I had imagined it to be – but it was also not as bad as I have been (unnecessarily?) preparing for.

The action scenes really blew me away. Still, I was left wondering if was it important to have that many fighting scenes, which would undoubtedly appeal to the majority of the movie-goers of today. I do not understand why do I feel that The Burly Brawl was simply comical and ridiculous at some points – particularly when the bullet-time method was being used.

It is now time to indulge myself in some noodle-baking sessions. I can happily put on a grin onto my face, and jump right into the various discussions that have been posted up on the forums – the very ones that I had been itching to click and read for the past two days, initiated by those lucky ones who have already caught a screening (or two) of it since then.

November cannot come fast enough. After four years, what is another one hundred and seventy four days? Right? Right?... That is cause and effect for you.

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