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1, or 10.

1, or 10.

I hate mosquitoes. They make one look like an idiot performing a rather embarassing dance move while he or she attempts to bring it down. The insects just would not stay dead. I smacked my hands into one and uh.. left it on the table, albeit harbouring thoughts of pulling out its legs slowly, one by one, while it tries to wriggle away futilely. However, in less than a minute, the sucker stood up on its legs, gave another brief wriggle, and flew away. I have a feeling it is going to enact vengeance when I get to bed later. And I am supposed to be doing research on some blood-sucking creatures…

I think I am going to get nightmares tonight.

I have absolutely no idea what possessed me to fork out nine bucks for another viewing of the movie – and on a weekend at that, too. It was not supposed to happen. I was not supposed to pay a visit to the cinema twice for the same movie. Now, that actually meant something. It has never happened before. Why, and why now?

Did I have a choice?

It has to be back to more noodle-baking for me. I am not even sure if all the questions will be answered in the third movie.

Question, although I think it could be unfavourable to compare the second movie to the first. Which, do you think, is the better between the two: The Matrix, or The Matrix Reloaded?

I still prefer the first. It is quite odd actually – the computer imagery and special effects are very much better in the second, to the extent that it transcends a few limitations and made jaws drop – just like what its cinematographer Bill Pope said, “It’s going to make The Fast and the Furious look like The Slow and the Dimwitted.” Story-wise, it was deep and raised more questions than answers. Sometimes I wish I could have majored in philosophy or something just so I can easily grasp and understand more.

There is something about the first movie – I cannot exactly point out what – that has this profound effect on me. Perhaps it was simply because it was the first movie. That actually says a lot. I think.

Still, you have to hand most of the credits to the Wachowskis. I remember I wrote an essay with the title ‘Movie Geniuses’ about them when I was in high school. Now, I have this strong urge to worship them. Books, they read a lot of books. And those were not your typical ones from Blytons or Rowlings. The brothers thought up everything – and they fit in so perfectly, and so logically, you begin to wonder if was there really a Matrix in existence.

Sadly, they replied to a particular question in an interview once: “The blue pill.”

A third viewing does not seem to be in store. Yet.

On air now: Ego Tripping At The Gates of Hell, Flaming Lips

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