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She has a black belt in karate.

She has a black belt in karate.

“It’s just a movie.. why take it so seriously?”

Or it could be that it is just a book. Just a few hundred pages of tiny Serif words, and nothing else. Why take it so seriously?

True, movies are a form of entertainment, aiming to amuse and please our senses. And why take it so seriously? No one asked you to. Sure, there is the option of dismissing the concept or a plot entirely, and just taking it in as another movie. However, the second we do that, we are not appreciating nor respecting the movie, or any of the cast and crew who have worked hard in making it happen, be it a good or a bad film. It is not solely for the sake of making you go ooh and aah, drooling at the visual effects and a few bimbos perhaps, and leaving nothing else to be desired. Or is accepting a movie as a movie already enough?

Movies are modelled and shaped from real life. The lessons, revelations, personalities, behaviours. What matters most is the content, and its substance. Unfortunately, sometimes a movie is not produced with the best execution, thus receiving the ‘accolade’ of a turkey. I am not in the mood of explaining what exactly makes a movie though. I am beginning to get a tad bit irritated with the hot weather here.

There was the time when people would not mind paying to watch the same movie in the cinemas more than once, because they claimed that the movie was good, deserving a second viewing. Now is the time when movie-goers would not mind forking out extra money to watch a movie twice (or more), only to learn, absorb, understand, and approach the movie from a whole lot of other possible perspectives.

I do not believe that movies are only movies. They are more than that, more than meets the eye. You would be surprised at how a movie can directly influence or relate to its viewers, to the extent of actually opening their eyes, and changing their lives.

Looks like Enter The Matrix is not the only game created out of the Matrix franchise. Welcome The Matrix Online, expecting to make an impact in 2004. Of course, you do need to pay, and play it – online. Could not they take things slowly at a time? I have not even the chance to own all the action figures from the first movie yet. Nevertheless, the next thing to do is to get the black tee which undoubtedly must have the important word ‘Matrix’ on it… and no, not the pasar malam types. And I am going to have to give up on my search for the Matrix Powerade.

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