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Have you seen...

Have you seen…

It does not quite help. I know I have been having rather Matrixy dreams for a few nights. And to top it off, the dream ends with a poof and I almost always wake up remembering absolutely nothing at all about the dream. Aside from the fact that I did, indeed, had a Matrixy dream. The revelation of that did not help.

Actually, I have been quite concerned that I have not been remembering my dreams for quite some time now. I think my dream journal has remained untouched, no new entries added, for a long, long time – probably a whole year, even.

As if the past few days have not been exciting enough, I have to write a five-minute long script for an assignment. The genre decided upon was action, and the only word that popped up in my mind over and over again is that of The Particular Movie. I kind of like it when I can go on for days talking, exchanging opinions, and answering a few questions about the movie here on campus, but I am afraid that I would soon get tired of it. The question of the moment: “Have you seen Matrix Reloaded?” One thing that saddened me though, was what a lecturer told us during class yesterday. “I don’t like The Matrix, it makes me think too much, I can’t take it”. Aww. Too bad for you, then. And to think that it was exactly the opposite reasons as to why I love the movie so much: because it makes me take some time off to actually think and ponder over some issues in the movie.

I do not claim to be a philosopher. I do not know all the answers to the Matrix movies. I admit that I am not the movies’ biggest fan because I have not watched the movies a record-breaking number of 101 times, and I do not understand everything about them. But I do try, and to say that you do not like a movie simply because you do not like to think, is a rather poor excuse. You are missing out on the best things in life.

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