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Stay out.

Stay out.

What else can you do when you are handed a form? Fold it into a paper plane? Roll it up and whack at buzzing mosquitoes? Eat it? What?

Tell me.

I was already tired from packing up my things and shifting them down to the car – in fact, I lost count of the number of times I went up and down those flights of stairs (-3 to Strength), thinking it was all over and done with.

I knew things would not go that smoothly.

“Did I ask you to fill up the form?”
I looked up slowly, pausing my writing midway (+3 to Dexterity – wow, I surpassed my own abilities in being too quick with the form). It was hard to peer in through the narrow horizontal opening at the counter. Was she talking to me? I could not be sure. I stole a glance at the girl next to me, waiting for her turn to be served. I thought her face mirrored my confusion.
“I didn’t ask you to fill up the form!” the lady reiterated – and rather rudely too, I should add.

Excuse me? I bit back a dozen or so types of responses that came into my mind just then (+1 to Charisma). Fine. I let it go. Let me assume the position of a mindless little child (-5 to Intelligence), who is seemingly looking at the world for the first time. She made it sound as though it were my fault, and that the mere ticks I put into the appropriate boxes had subjected her to a life-and-death type of situation. Ooh, poison pen letters (wait, I shall Summon Monster Level I and hope a venomous Sword Spider Queen appears in a whiff of green smoke).

I still am not sure who was at fault. Maybe I had failed to notice a little clause at the bottom of the form, saying that, “All forms that are not filled up by the officers themselves will be put through the shredder and its remains stuffed down their throats within the next 24 hours.” I had returned the half-completed form back to her the moment she reprimanded me for breaking a non-existent rule. I was mildly shocked at the relevation that I was not suppose to do anything to the form, which was divided into two parts – I had filled up the the ‘Check In’ columns months ago when I moved into my room. How was I to know that it would be different this time around for the columns under ‘Check Out’?

If I was not supposed to fill it up, then why hand me the form in the first place? Would it not be better if she retained it – after all, Miss High and Mighty has the power to fill it up herself?

Tell me.

Perhaps I should have waited and hovered about (meanwhile, I would conjure Cloak of Fear and Panic), and have someone give me instructions on how to proceed with the form (-2 to Wisdom). She did not ask me to not fill it up when she handed it over to me. But Malaysians have never been known to be a patient lot. Ask anyone who honks frantically the moment the lights turn green. If I waited, I am sure I would have garnered another sort of sarcastic reply, no questions asked.

Look, the matter with this is that I have not come across a situation whereby you are forbidden from filling up a form that was handed to you in the first place. Trivial thing indeed, but if you were in my shoes…

On air now: Stay Out of Trouble, Kings of Convenience

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