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Cycle, cycle.

Cycle, cycle.

I have been pretty busy lately. It has been more of a vicious cycle – meetings, presentations, and assignments. Classes start at 9am, and only finish a little before 6pm for three weekdays. All five subjects registered for this trimester require working in groups, and I believe I should learn to keep up with it, accepting it as part of the course; and part of my life. It would undoubtedly what I would be doing more of, when I eventually get out of this desert two years later and step into the even more hectic and perhaps stressful working life. The bad thing about it is that whenever I am confronted with the prospect of having to work and contribute into a group, my brain automatically registers it as an annoyance.

I was supposed to attend two meetings on Sunday, coincidently to be held at exactly the same time. Sorting out priorities and toying with a solution of dividing myself into two to go for both meetings was not exactly what I had in my mind. Eventually, one of the meetings was postponed to a later online conference (which resulted in a rather chaotic situation due to lag).

Has the hype for The Movie died down considerably? I had been thinking about how the movie would be like, if there were a difference in the cast. Time for a little ‘Did You Know’s, off my mind.

Actors considered for the part of Neo included Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Leonardo Dicaprio, Will Smith (that was Joel Silver’s idea!). However, if there was to be a female Neo, the name Sandra Bullock popped up. I had not much trouble with the others, but that of Smith’s stood out in particular. Would the movie still be cool if he took up the role of Neo? Perhaps, as demonstrated in Men In Black. And a very fast-talking one (a description of a blabbermouth comes to mind) at that too; the whole movie would become a whole load of real mumbo-jumbo and kinky humour, littered with phrases “There is no spoon? Man!”.

Val Kilmer was regarded as a potential Morpheus. It was widely reported that he was a bit, uhm, difficult to be handled at movie sets; anyway, he stripped naked at one, last week. That did not come about as a respectable and honourable figure suited for the role of Morpheus, but no one is a saint either. But then again, you are suppose to only act like one.. I cannot comment on his acting skills though.

Perhaps Jade Pinkett Smith could have been a Trinity if Will Smith got the nod for Neo. Husband-and-wife as main stars in the Matrix movies.. hmm. It did not happen, of course.

When Aaliyah passed away, the names Erykah Badu, Brandy (and maybe Monica, as well) were then considered for the role of Zee. There is a strong similarity among them – they are all established singers. (okay now, I do not know why Macy Gray popped up in my mind as I write this) It led to speculation that the rave scenes at Zion would involve the actress performing at the gathering of the unplugged ones.. and a possible addition to the movie soundtrack too.

If anyone’s favourite character is Seraph, you may be delighted to know that Jet Li and even our very own Datuk Michelle Yeoh was asked to play the part. Except that both were adamant in getting involved in their own projects (The One and The Touch, respectively).

Could there have been a perfect cast for the movie? We cannot say for sure. It will be hard to judge until they have actually been involved in the movie production themselves. Drawing ‘what ifs’ or potential conclusions as to how the movie would turn out would not be beneficial to anyone, anyway – as long as the story remains same and true. However, I would not have changed anyone of them for another, especially not Hugo Weaving. He is a marvel.

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