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This is getting a bit long-winded.

This is getting a bit long-winded.

Getting to know new people always brings about new revelations. I attended a board annual general meeting last night, and apart of the introduction of new members to the board, they were also asked which zodiac do they belong to.

I have always find it a bit scary to know of another person sharing the same birthdate as mine (note that I use ‘birthdate’, and not ‘birthday’). Well, technically there is not anything wrong with it; but I have always wondered: if two people are born on the same day albeit at different times, do they have the same preferences, interests, personalities, and whatnots? The answer to the question is a definite no, I believe. Then comes the next part – the people under the same zodiac would not share the same daily forecast and predictions on the horoscope, no? Horoscopes are ‘the representation made of the aspect of the heavens at the moment of a person’s birth, by which the astrologer professed to foretell the events of the person’s life’ (dictionary.com). I am not a believer; still, I like to read about the predictions and forget about them for the day. They did not come true for me, anyway. Perhaps it was for others born within the other 86399 seconds of that birthdate. Or is that not how horoscopes work?

Back in high school during Form Five, I came to know that there were two other girls born on the same birthdate as mine. Heck, one of them even turned out to be my classmate. Unfortunately, all three of us do not mix together, as we have our own group of friends. I do not think that we shared similarities – perhaps a few, but we are all different individuals of our own right.

This led me to think of twins, triplets and all. Although they do share the same birthdate, and could be different as night and day – save for identical twins, maybe. I have not had trouble telling between a pair of twins who went to the same primary and high school as I did. Then again, there are some that you really cannot tell apart, resulting in rather hilarious situations. In the end, their friends had to resort to telling them apart by using their material possessions as a guide – from the colour of their spectacles, to the necklaces they wear around their necks.

It turns out that my roommate has a twin as well. Before I met her, I was already given that valuable piece of information by a friend. I managed to put on a not too surprised look on my face upon seeing them both popping in their heads from behind the door for the first time.

The odds of people of the same birthdate coming together is not very high, I believe. But then again, after knowing three other people with the same birthdate as mine, it made me feel a tad bit ‘unspecial’. :D

Of course, then you realised again that it is a small world after all. If not, there would not be a song invented after it, I guess.

Then, there are also some rather surprising things you realised after having known someone for only four weeks, that she is to be wedded this Saturday to the man of her dreams. And she’s only twenty. (Congratulations.)

On another note, I do not even own the soundtrack to The Movie yet. And they are already releasing the soundtrack to the Animatrix this weekend. Boo hoo.

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