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That wasn't me.

That wasn’t me.

Playing Enter The Matrix is like playing Half-Life.

Playing Half-Life is like playing Tomb Raider.

Playing Tomb Raider makes me go sick and dizzy.

The verdict? Will never get to finish up those shooter games because of that.

Oddly enough, the Doom games never had that effect on me. I guess it was because I often find the monsters in it quite fascinating. And you really have to love the variety of guns especially the last one, which can pretty much zap an angry green at anything.

Yes, I tend to get a sick feeling in my stomach while playing those games. The next thing I know, I cannot concentrate on the game because my vision seems to be spinning as well. That was what happened to me when I was uh, attempting to be Ghost in Enter The Matrix. I could not even do something as simple as retrieving a package in the first part of the game! And the guards sure drop down quick easily after a few punches… like, I know kung-fu. There were also too many controls and I had to resort to reading from the paper where I had hastily written down the keyboard controls. The interface was not to my liking, either.

Wait, I am not complaining. It is just that I have been playing too much CRPGs, simulation and strategy games, which mostly features miniature troops and buildings, to quickly get accustomed to Enter The Matrix.

Someone who finishes playing Enter The Matrix will have to brief me on the story, and perhaps even tell me the conclusion to it. Rather a pity, because this game is really heavy on the graphics side and takes up an awful lot of space – nearly 3.5 gigs and 4 CDs, if I am not mistaken. As it is, I have been hearing about people finishing the game in about three days or so. Heck, Neverwinter Nights required only about 1.9 gigs, and it took me nearly forever to finish the game because there was simply too many places to explore.

Perhaps I need to set it straight. When it comes to movies, The Matrix will always be number one. However, it will be a different case for computer games – CRPGs (especially fantasy ones at that) will have to rule the day. Combining them together would be like mixing apple and oranges, I think. Of course, I still need to get Icewind Dale 2 – but that would prove to be a rather difficult, due to the rather aggresive crackdown on pirated discs lately. Personally, I wonder if would the local streets and malls be thoroughly cleaned of this. The headlines of the newspapers these few days practically screams about the success of the latest attack against pirated goods.

By the way, I am considering buying a digital camera for myself. Canon Powershot A70, Canon Digital Ixus V3, Olympus Camedia C-350 Zoom, and Minolta Dimage X. Recommendations, anyone?

There. Finally mustered enough courage to mildly kill off a bit of my Matrix obssession, in order to put up this layout. A rather sorry attempt at illustration, though. I have not been writing much either, due to work. We made a booth for an exhibition last week, but it was not up to my satisfaction. Sigh.

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