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Whenever the lecturer barks at us to form a team and work on a group assignment, I am sure that the first thing most of us would do, is to turn to your friends and form a team, anticipating to work with them. However, it does not work that way all the time. Sure, you may choose to work with your friends; but then again, sometimes the close relationship makes it difficult for the group to perform well. There is no doubt that it is essential to choose someone that you know, or more importantly, someone that you could trust, to work with, rather than barging into a group of strangers and declaring to work with them for the whole of the semester. Teaming up with new people may broaden your horizons and the bonus to it is that you get to have, surprise!.. more friends. But you will need to build up the trust all over again, make sure that the other team members click with you, and that they can actually contribute and commit themselves to working on the assignment, not catching some blissful zzzs while you are busy writing incomprehensible codes or drawing furiously on the computer.

I see the worrying trend that people who tend to have a pretty good relationship with each other, may turn to exhibit sour faces and frowns when meeting up to do a group assignment. It could get worse if they are involved in the same project in the same clubs and societies, which practically screams for the need to work together. Harmoniously. However, both personal and work issues might mix together, producing a potential explosion in the near future, thus ensuing in rocky relationships. Sometimes they may act normally, as though they are still the best of friends; other times, the negativity is displayed quite clearly whenever there is a clash of opinions during a discussion. You can immediately sense the hostility and you have the feeling that they are trying to work things out, but to no avail.

Now, how could that have happened? Being friends, you tend to be sincere and open with each other. Perhaps sometimes, one inadvertently says something that may offend the other, although it may or may not be the truth. Heck, perhaps honesty is not the best policy. Disagreements. Differences. All the same, I believe that the chances of encountering these situations are much slim even if you are not working in a group. After all, buddies are supposed to be someone who you can share your happiest and depressing moments with; not ones who you would always argue with.

Perhaps there is some good to the fact that I am not too close with anyone in my small group of friends. I guess there is some truth to the saying that sometimes your best friends could also be your worst enemies.

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