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There, there.

There, there.


During a lecture early this morning, I was trying to stay awake (just like the others) and noticed that a pair of lovebirds seated a few rows in front of me were snuggling up to each other. Their heads were leaning against the other for comfort, and I honestly wondered if would they drift off to sleep in that position, with cushioned chairs in an air-conditioned room, and a lecturer talking about client and server-side applications upfront. What interests me, though, was what would be going in the lecturer’s mind – no doubt she saw the couple, for they were right in front of her – I do not believe that her view could be entirely obstructed by a fourteen-inch monitor.

While having lunch (doubling up as a meeting) with friends later at the campus food courts, I caught sight of a girl puffing away happily. Smoking is a no-no in public places such as universities, but she looked to be quite nonchalant about it. Not too long after that, she duly walked over to a nearby drain, threw the cigarette butt onto the ground, stepped on it and pushed it into the drain before joining her friends back at their table.

Back to observation. These are the miscellaneous things that make you wonder, and it sticks to your mind. Sometimes it jolts you back to reality, reaffirms your position, telling you where you are. It may not be necessarily what you see, but it may also be what you hear.

Like how I realised that people walking by outside my room can hear the music I listen to. For starters, I doubt my speakers are that loud; but as I was walking past yesterday to get myself dinner, I could hear Radiohead drifting out from my room. I can get a bit embarassed at times to be seen (or heard?) listening to a handful of musicians – for example, John Mayer, Pete Yorn, Audioslave – and I do not really know why.

On another note: There will be a bloggers meetup open to all local bloggers this week, organised by a few rather well-known bloggers in the country. I believe they are on to something big soon, which will bring local blogs to the forefront. Details:

Date: 13th June 2003 (Friday)
Time: 7pm onwards.
Venue: Voyeur (11 & 15 Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, 59000 Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur)

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