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No one feels like I do.

No one feels like I do.

Feeling positively negative.

Playing songs that loop. Again. And again. Flickering screen. Furious writings. Slow typing. Countless sighs. Quiet hum of the fan. Dripping water from the tap. The soft creak of the door. Mandarin words streaming from their mouths incessantly.

The full moon that shines back on you from the clear night sky. The streetlights that blink from the distance. The bad smell that wafts into your nose. The cat that frolics on the green grass. The ocassional cheers of joy. The unmistakable blows of a whistle. The lovey-dovey couple playfully pushing each other gently. The trickle of water from the fire hydrant. The passing cars that slow down enough to have a glance at you. The sounds of your very own footsteps.

Another one of those days when you feel troubled, burdened, bothered, distressed. When you question your existence in this world. When you mull over your loneliness. When you speculate on the tomorrow. When you brood over the past. When you contemplate which direction should you go next. When you wonder why the moment never came. When you want to believe that thirty minutes have gone by. When you know that no one understands. When you ponder on why you are not like the others. When you feel a little lost and confused. When you reflect on your decision to tread this path. Alone.

There is almost always something wrong somewhere, everyday.

Still feeling positively negative.

On air now: Ego Tripping At The Gates of Hell, Flaming Lips

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