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Sharing isn't everything.

Sharing isn’t everything.

The art of sharing. To have an equal part, to allow someone to use or enjoy something in turn. I did not get to savour the feeling of utilising that particular item, so I decided to get one for myself, one of my own. Something I was told that “I could use whenever I like” but never had the chance to, after a whole year now.

Some things are easier said than done. It was not reluctance, hesitation or stinginess. It was simply because there was not time for them to hand the item over to me to play, to enjoy, to experiment. Either that, or they would need to use it, leaving me empty-handed again. It has been simply hidden from my view for so long now. Heck, they took it with them, wherever they go – work, gatherings, weddings, events. Last week, when I asked if I could have it for three days to use it for one of my upcoming assignments, I was told that they still needed to use it.

The source of unhappiness.. only for a short while, I hope.I was disappointed. Fine, I told myself. No point on relying on them anymore. It would be better to have something I could proudly call mine. Therefore, I was elated when I finally bought the item for myself, for it has always been on my mind; and I never had the courage to voice out my desire. Now that I actually need it, I can get to have it. No more of that sharing crap I have been hearing all the time. For once, this one is mine, and I will get to use it whenever I choose to.

And now, they actually had to scold me for buying the ‘wrong’ model – wrong in the sense that I should have waited for another few days to get the latest and better model. He was frustrated that his friend is getting the latest model with a few additional functions this week, while I am stuck with an older version (released in March this year, mind you). She did not like the fact that I was not patient enough.

Thankfully, the ‘additional functions’ were nothing to shout about. They were not necessary, and it is not like I would die without having them.

See, sometimes the ‘sibling rule’ does not quite apply. What belongs to them, may not belong to you. And it would be actually a task to share.

For some reason, I felt childish. But it could not be helped. Perhaps we all still have it in all of us.

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