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Oh my.. hi there, Bro.

Oh my.. hi there, Bro. waves

When I was back in primary school, I had the chance to go for trips to other Malaysian states such as Penang and Malacca. I used to sit right in front of the teacher’s table, and he would regularly show me his plans and receipts for his preparations in playing uhm, babysitter for about a hundred odd primary school students, for about three days in Penang. He was one of my favourite teachers, and helped me a lot in essay-writing; particularly ones involving the national language. There were about five or six of those forty-seater buses, I believe – and it was amusing to see the buses slowly ‘racing’ against each other, and having your friends from other buses making faces or waving madly back at you. Naturally, buses full of groups of noisy and restless kids tend to move at a slower pace than normal cars (except for those buses that made up a significant number of the local public transportation services, they actually do race against the other). A pretty laidback agenda was in store for us, though. A rather nice trip, I guess.. albeit having to squeeze in with like, six others into a hotel room.

The one-day-trip to Malacca was nothing to shout about, either.. thanks to us having to wear our brownie uniforms (sigh! Perhaps I should have stayed as a girl scout or something) and being near to uh, cows. Think Malacca, think the normal ‘hotspots’ of A’Farmosa and the nearby King’s palace-cum-museum. At least it was by the beach, and we had lunch at a nearby mamak stall with the teachers, while the other students wandered off to the only ‘real’ shopping mall in the state, located at a mere walking distance.

If I am not mistaken, there seemed to be a trip to Kuala Lumpur during high school as well.. which is a bit odd, considering the fact that almost all of the students live in the city. It was an educational trip though, since we had to go to the National Planetarium and stopped by the National Museum as well. I stopped going to the National Zoo as well.. for probably, oh, fifteen years? That was during my kindergarten days, and we almost always had Kentucky Fried Chicken when we were there.

Fast forward to the days since I enrolled in university. Our three-day trip to Port Dickson was embroiled in much controversy and complaints from many parties even before the journey started. I did not have the time of my life there, either, until the second day when two other friends and I finally got a room for ourselves, no thanks to mixups in the accomodation arrangements (it did not help that I was categorised as a member of the male species).

Nothing beats the comfort and reliability of organising a little trip for only a small group; say, a normal family. When numbers grow, problems do too, along with headaches and countless enquiries. Dissatisfaction is bound to arise, and complaints about having ‘wasted our precious time’ are frequently heard. Not to mention the money invested in the trips, too. But then again, some of us may not be lucky enough to fork out enough money for the trip (although it was made compulsory, points will be deducted, yadayada). I doubt my parents had a lot of opportunities to have school trips as well, for things are now different from the way it was back then. I should be so lucky. I think.

Will be off to a local state (Terengganu) located at the east coast of the peninsular tonight. I foresee three unexciting and tiring days, along with a number of hours stuck painfully in a moving bus (oh, my butt..). This will not be purely for enjoyment purposes; but for the sake of a photography assignment due next week. I am hoping that we will be able to make the best out of it. What else can I do in Terengganu, except to look out for turtles? Hm. See you when I am back home on Sunday.

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