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At five a.m.

At five a.m.

Probably a month or so after I registered with a website that claims to help you “stay in touch with your friends” and “find and reconnect with old friends”, I now have, ahem, ten friends in my list.

Haha. That statement reeks so much of irony to me.

Perhaps I should never have bothered in the first place.

But that is because I have with much reluctance approved a so-called friend’s request as well.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen – The Great Opportunist. She told me that she had included me as a working council member in the Student’s Representative Council in return for my assistance in the student’s welfare matters. She had guaranteed me on-campus accomodation for a whole academic year. She vowed to give me credit for her personal pet project (which failed to materialise after all – work all gone to waste).

It was all lies, and broken promises. This is not the first time you heard this from me. Pat yourself on your back if you remember my previous few entries dedicated to her. I go on blissfully with my life, leaving her completely out of my mind – until she shows up again and I think of all the things she has done to me. But I was not the only one. Further research (or gossip, if you like) revealed a lot more. I am not surprised that she has irked a few other people with her actions.

And after all that – does she not have any remorse whatsoever? Somehow I feel that she did not even know she was at fault. But how can that be? Could she have degraded into such a low level for a human being? Not as bad as the other criminals and wrong-doers out there, but still. I ramble, rant, complain unnecessarily. Why do I still need bother with her?

I do not need her. But there are people that you cannot flick away just like that. A lesson it shall be.

Apparently, she still treats me as a friend. Wow. Applause all around. Should I be honoured?

Obviously, I am taking this ‘add friend’ thing a bit too seriously… but have I already forgiven her by approving the request anyway?

Hey, I think I can still delete her off my list…

This had better be conveniently left at the back of my mind.

The final battle of Icewind Dale 2 was absolutely insane. Although I had reduced the gameplay’s level of difficulty to easiest, I still had three out of my six party members dying on me – and the baddies actually got to warp away, probably setting the stage for a future installment of the game. Did good triumph over evil? I think not. With this task finished, I should soon have the luxury of prancing in distant fantasy realms with nary a worry, and be assailed with wave upon wave of the magical Skill and Wit, besides the occasional fire-breathing dragon or two.

Not unless I get a job, but judging from the resume views still standing at a pathetic, big, fat, zero on Jobstreet, I think that day will still be far, far away.

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