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Resorts. Hah.

Resorts. Hah.

I woke up at 6am and all I got was this...Alrighty. I am back from the east coast. The first thing people ask me when I go around attending classes back in uni: “How was the trip?” After a while, it gets a bit redundant, probably because I did not really have anything to say about the trip. Was it good? Not quite. Was it that bad? Not exactly, either. One thing which is considered critical though, is to never set your expectations too high. I do that often enough, and get disappointed easily. Heck, I didn’t even get to see real turtles.. they came mostly in the form of keychains. Purple and blue turtles look a bit odd, anyway.

Sunrise, not sunset. Hard to spot the difference, huh?Actually, the trip did not start out well. Upon reaching Terengganu, we were to have breakfast at a mamak stall. It was raining cats and dogs, and I have always find it a little awkward to use umbrellas during the rain (they can get blown away easily). I splashed my way to the stall, and emerged drenched from head to toe after stepping into a big puddle of rainwater. Suffice to say, I walked around in my wet jeans, and water in my shoes, for the whole day. When we got to our so-called ‘resort’ to check-in, most of us let out surprised gasps. It did not look anything like a resort; it was merely a mediocre resthouse. There were no bathrooms attached in the rooms, and the water supply was not adequate enough to accommodate to us 44 weary travelers after being stuck in a bus for nine hours. The only best thing about the place was that it was situated by the beach (albeit a dirty one) and near the airport, and it was pretty nice to see aeroplanes stopping by about, say, five times a day. The second day was considerably better, though.. until I realised I was making a fool of myself during the night performance by attempting to sing along some Mandarin songs. I got most of the words wrong, of course, and waved lamely in accordance to the song. I was looking forward to the third and final day, because if there was anywhere else that I wanted to be, it would be home. I thought I would be free from all worries, but it was not meant to be – I received a last-minute instruction to finish up a task upon my return back to Kuala Lumpur.

Waterfalls at the Lata Tembakah Forest Reserve.The trip unearthed a few small discoveries for me. I think I might have made up a reputation for myself as being distant, and not being able to converse in Mandarin. While having the singing ‘practice’ session, one of them turned to me and asked me in English if I knew what they were singing about. I simply denote the negative. As always, there is no escaping from having your picture taken during a vacation. I stayed away from most cameras, but had to oblige to a few requests while on the way home. I was, again, wondering why do people want to take pictures with me. Perhaps they needed to finish off their extra films. Also, the last-minute task I was given to do revealed one of my bad traits – that I could become pretty fierce when something is not to my liking. I was practically ranting and complaining to a friend of mine regarding the task, and she shrank back upon seeing my expression – unfortunately, I did not have a mirror with me. But then again, I really hate last-minute work. Some of us may work better under pressure, but I have always prefer to do my work early (hence the layout previews as well).

While everyone else indulged themselves in a shopping spree besides furiously clicking their cameras and snapping away, I tried to look for something that I could buy and keep as a souvenir. There was practically nothing there that caught my eye enough to have me bring it home with me. I felt as though I had become a bit too picky for my own good. However, I returned home with memories, and pictures that I have to submit for an assignment this week. After all the hassle I got into yesterday to have the pictures developed, I received news that the submission has been postponed to two weeks later. Should I scream, or just bang my head on the wall?

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