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Are you always invisible? Yes.

Are you always invisible? Yes.

People pushing each other and piling loads of food onto their plates during parties. People jostling others out of the way to get free items, no matter how small they may be. People crashing through glass windows for a soft toy at a fast food restaurant. People swarming around you like hawks, attempting to intimidate you into leaving your table after you have finished your meal. People in their cars giving you a loud honk even before the traffic lights turn green. People queuing up with pointy hats and big black spectacles as early as 6am for a hardcover book released on the first day.

I am disappointed that my eyes have somehow spotted a major spoiler regarding the fifth Harry Potter book – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I was only browsing through the forums innocently, when my eyes strayed to a sentence: “I didn’t feel anything when ‘avadakedavra’ died…” and a swear word escaped my lips. Of all spoilers, it had to be this. I will not be reading the book until sometime later this year, and no, I did not place any orders for it. Now that I have stumbled upon this revelation, I feel like locking myself in a closet. I also have this urge to tell it to everyone else, just so that they could share how I feel now.

How do I feel now? It is a mixture of anger, and frustration. Funny how it seems to happen to me a lot these days. I think I am heading to something negative. Anyhow, it also makes me curious and wanting to read the book immediately, be it dark in the closet or not, although I am aware that that is not going to happen soon.

There were times when I just had to flip to the few last pages of a book and scan through the words (not reading them word by word) to see if the lead character would survive his arduous journey; if the adorable gargoyle would fall to his death; if good would triumph over evil. I recently took up this bad habit when I was reading books from the Sword of Truth series. I guess I am impatient after all, despite my telling everyone else otherwise.

If reading the Sword of Truth series (or any other books of the fantasy genre, for that matter) makes me feel old and having to have so many responsibilities (you know, having to battle dragons or kill your evil uncle to take over the throne and rule a kingdom spanning hundreds of miles), reading Harry Potter makes me feel like a carefree kid again. I wonder if I should like that.

I think it is time to clean the mouse. Not the four-legged one, mind you.

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