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It's my lucky fin!

It’s my lucky fin!

I went to watch Finding Nemo today, thinking that there should not be too many kids on a Friday afternoon. After all, do not they belong to school or tuition classes at that particular time of the day? As soon as I entered the cinema though, I was confronted with a whole load of kids, with their parents in tow. Thankfully, they were not the annoying bunch I had envisioned. In fact, they were actually quite well-behaved (except that they laughed a bit too loud). At least I did not need to watch the movie with a sea of adult heads in front of me (see, I am quite short and it can become quite disheartening to have someone taller seated right in front of me). Then again, the number of high-school students outnumbered the kids.

I always find it fascinating that the schoolchildren, still in their uniforms, would frequent the cinema after classes. You can then see the couples holding hands and whispering soft nothings to each other. Some of them come in groups, balancing popcorns and plastic cups of Coca-Cola. I always wondered if I missed my schooldays, however bitter they may be.

Anyhow, barely five minutes into the movie, I heard a loud hiss three rows behind me, followed by a lady’s distinctly irritated voice: “Shh! Excuse me, if you have watched the movie, could you please keep quiet!” Somehow, I had the urge to stand up and applaud (did not do that, of course). Interestingly enough, there were no annoying phone rings heard this time around.

For some reason, I thought a kid’s laughter is the most sincere, most innocent thing that could happened in the world. It rang throughout the cinema so purely, it melted my heart.. for a while, before I quickly forced myself to concentrate on the movie again. Still, have you ever experienced the feeling of being elevated to a state of bliss, even if it was for a mere second? I believe I did, today.. and of all things, it was because of some kid’s laughter. Sigh.

I think I should embark on a mini movie marathon next week. Perhaps the big green monster should be next. I did not know that he has the ability to bounce around like that.

Well, it is going to be loads of fun to watch the Matrix movies in the first IMAX theatre in Malaysia, scheduled to open at the Berjaya Times Square by December this year. If they choose to show it in IMAX format, that is. Have to wonder about the admission price, though.

The new Blogger interface looks almost scary. The urge to switch to Moveable Type resurfaced. Eek.

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