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I hate myself, sometimes.

I hate myself, sometimes.

Is anyone concerned about the rise in crime rates lately?

Have crime rates, in actual fact, been increasing all this while – except that there were not any mind-numbing events to make an impact on the nation’s people, on the society as a whole?

Why do we always turn our heads elsewhere, not giving a damn about it until something really bad actually happens?

And after that ‘something really bad’ happens, we have debates amongst ourselves, we see massive registrations for martial arts courses, we point fingers at each other, we read of precautionary measures in the media, we see various parties emerge from their shells, speaking out and addressing the nation.

But in the end, it is all talk, but rarely any action is taken to solve the problem. As Terrence Smith aptly puts it: for every reaction, there is no action. I find it scary that there is an awful shortage of the police force making rounds and ensuring the safety of the people. I think it is even more disheartening to note that nothing has been done to increase the number of law enforcers in the country; ironically enough, thousands of applications by enthusiastic youngsters who were aiming high to serve the nation, were rejected.

Regular readers of Rantglass would have known of the theft of our Proton Waja (stolen right under our very noses, even) about three months ago. Until today, I still wonder about the whereabouts of the car – if it still exists, that is. Most people would agreed that stolen cars will generally be disassembled, its many parts sold to unsuspecting mechanics (unless they choose to not bat an eyelid on stolen goods). Probably the thief is basking under the sun, somewhere in the Bahamas, slowly sipping a cocktail, his eyes closed as he listens to the sound of the waves crashing onto shore, two beautiful ladies popping grapes into this mouth, from either side of him.

Recently though, our newspaper distributor fell victim to a gang of robbers. He bought a new van to ease his task of delivering newspapers – however, on one fine (and still dark) morning, he was held – probably at knifepoint – and was asked to surrender his brand new vehicle. In such a situation where you are outnumbered four-to-one, the wisest thing one could do is to step aside, give in, and watch on with absolute numbness and dismay as the robbers drive away the new van in sheer newfound delight. Unless, of course, if you have a black belt in karate. What happens if the other robbers, too, have black belts in taekwondo, aikido, kungfu, and the lot? Worse still, a loaded gun or knife should be able to finish you off even before you leap into a defensive position.

I know what you are thinking. “People are getting raped and killed, and you’re talking about vehicle thefts?” Well, let us just say that I do not like talking about overly depressing things that befalls others.

We always have this perception, this thinking that all these things only happen to others. Unfortunately, as Calvin puts it wisely: we are all ‘someone else’, to someone else.

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