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The mid-term break is coming to an end...

The mid-term break is coming to an end; yet, it hardly started.

I am not the Keymaker.I was quite ecstatic upon getting my T-shirt. It has always been what I would love to have, to add to my humble Matrix collection. The stuff available at the Matrixshop are equally enticing as well, but I have not brought myself to clicking on the “Add to Cart” icon.

After getting the T-shirt and browsing through the nearby shopping mall, my father and I eventually left for the car park, to head back home.

The car refused to start.

Matrix Reloaded T-shirt. Woo!At least we were not stuck in the desert, where the lone dusty road may stretch on for miles, towards the hot, glaring sun. I began to punch the numbers of my cellphone to get to the mechanic, who suggested that we get someone to push the car while my father attempts to start the vehicle.

If someone were to confront you, asking for help to push a car, would you do it?

My father eventually went to ask for assistance from the shopping mall, and came back with three security guards. They were quite friendly, and were tackling the situation easily, frequently cracking jokes and smiles. Actually, it was quite a comical scene.

How much is how much, when it comes to a word of thanks? Is it enough, or do we need to add money and gifts to top up with it?

When the car finally got started, my father waved a thank-you to them, and the security guards responded with cheery nods. It got me wondering, though. Should we give them a few bucks, or treat them to cups of coffee at the nearby Starbucks? Or is a word of thanks already enough to show our appreciation?

Do they expect more? Must we always get something in return for the things we do for others?

Agent Smith doesn't look that happy, either.There are some of us who may be satisfied by only performing a good deed; by lending a hand to others; by making a difference. These are some of the little things that helps one to go on with their life and reassess the situation, feeling glad that they had helped someone in distress. However, there are a number of people out there who expect to get something in return for the things they do for others. They may not be content, and would grumble that a thank-you means nothing to them, for it is only a word, and does not come with materialistic aspects which they desire.

To the three security guards – a big thank-you. It is hard to find three good Samaritans these days – and even harder to get someone for help in doing heavy tasks for a stranger. Probably even difficult to get someone to sincerely and happily lend a hand to others with an open heart, when they need it most.

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