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How strangely apt.

How strangely apt.

I may be getting hypocritical here, but I certainly do not like people asking if have I a partner; the significant other; a boyfriend. I heard the word a few times today, and it was enough to put me in a grumpy mood. While innocently punching on the keypad to my cellphone to reply to an SMS, my friend peeked and cheekily asked if I were setting up a date with ‘Mr. Boyfriend’. My mind registered a ‘bah!’ but I told her the truth nevertheless – I was only setting up an appointment with a female friend (and no, let us not drift further than that).

Understandably enough, you are bound to be asked the question “Are you seeing someone?” if you are in your teens. I read the papers and get a bit irked at times, when I come across a ten-year-old asking for advice on love on those “Tell It To..” or “Heart to Heart” columns. Not that I am against that, but love could not possibly be all that is in the mind of a youngster, still green and attending primary school. I am ashamed to say that I had been providing those kind of uh.. advice to my friends, who had confided in me of their insecurities and relationship problems with members of the opposite gender – which is kind of odd, actually.

Thinking back, I find it highly amusing that I had been ‘attached’ to a few unfortunate guys, though. It is amazing how people could jump to conclusions that fast; no calculations needed. Just because you almost bumped into a guy by accident, you are immediately accused of sharing ‘that close relationship’ with him, and there goes the gossip and rumours. It intensifies if both parties are drawn together to work in a group, or if the teacher picks him to sit behind you while arranging seating positions in class. It does not help either, even if you are involved in uhm, playful arguments of sorts with a boy (like, stepping on each others’ shoes, and kicking each other.. uhm, literally). The bad thing about it all, is that you have to endure their mockery and teasings for an entire year – or, if you are lucky, probably six months.

But then again, I guess it depends on how you choose to take these baseless rumours. There are those who flicked it away as though it were merely a brief buzz from an annoying insect, sportingly treating it as a joke. Some may go all cranky and cross at those ‘accusations’ – and especially so when friends are of the opinion that “because you’re angry, meaning it’s true!”. Others may choose to take it seriously and delve into it, posing unanswerable questions to themselves.

Later on, the question “When are the both of you settling down for good? Invite me to your wedding dinner!” will pop up. Brace yourself for the “Any plans for kids yet? Doing a football team?” that will inevitably come your way as well.

I wonder how are The Guys doing now? Hm.

On air now: Til I Get Over You, Michelle Branch

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