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I've got the strangest feeling that you've...

I’ve got the strangest feeling that you’ve gone away.

I have not had a lot of fun for a long time.

A few friends and I went to a nearby park during the evening to work on an assignment, which involves a bit of filming and photo-shooting. The park was newly opened, and it was our first time there. Naturally, because it was new, everything looked fresh, clean, and inviting. The playground was really colourful, and although it was generally made to cater to children, we find ourselves getting onto the swings, resorting to a bit of climbing, going down the many-coloured slides. The park is located far away from the city, and does not receive much visitors except from us students and nearby apartment residents; not quite a dense residential area or neighbourhood – and you would still need to have a brief three-minute drive over.

Rusty chains dangling from the metal rails of a swing. Overturned rubbish bins, its contents spilling all over the place. Graffiti-infested signboards. That is what you can expect from the usual playgrounds seen in the city, which are frequented by a lot of people; yet usually left unattended, as if the playground would clean up by itself. I hardly even pay visits to the playground when I was younger; having a garden beside the house was sufficient enough.

I really enjoyed myself at the park today. After being shut in with a restless heart, tending only to studies and assignments, and nights spent in front of the computer, it was the first in a long time I was reaching for the sky, swinging hard and vying with a friend to see who would swing the highest. It felt as though something broke free within me, even if it were only for a brief second. I love that particular moment where you would swing so high with your body bent back a little, and all that you could see is only the blue sky, heavily dotted with white clouds.

There were some problems within the members of the group; as said before, it was never wise to stick to the same group over and over again to work together in an assignment, for it would only create tension and jeopardise friendships. However, as soon as we stepped into the park, all ill feelings seemed to have disappeared, albeit being there in the first place to work on the assignment. We seemed to be making more noise than the children there, who had been brought to the park by their parents for an evening of fun and were squealing in delight while popping in and out behind big colourful blocks or going down the slides.

I actually look forward to going to the park again. I hate it when I sound like a kid again.

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