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My brother bought these. Now you know why I love fantasy novels; it is in the genes.

“So did you get me anything?” I texted my brother.

“Yes, but not sure if you’d like it,” he returned the message. He had just dropped by the Times warehouse sale that I had been itching to go to, thanks to the many tempting purchases and bargains I had read from other blogs. Books at rock bottom prices! Who can willingly miss out on that? Plus, it has been four uneventful weeks of exploring dark caverns and battling monsters both of might and magic. With that over and done with, I had reluctantly dug out some other games and started replaying them. Sigh.

I had to give a squeal of delight when he brought home his purchases. I am glad that he remembered my fascination for the movie About A Boy. It is a different approach altogether to read the book after you have watched the movie more than a dozen times – and especially so when it has elevated to a certain status – a movie that you are simply enamoured with, and would not mind watching again and again. Timeless. I have started reading it, and damn – Hugh Grant seems to be narrating the story to me, with Silent Sigh looping in the background. Ooh.

That aside, I knew I must pay a visit to the warehouse sale. The temptation was too great.

All in the spirit of trying out new books...

I had to painstakingly go through the many tables, which were chock full of books – and not arranged into any proper category whatsoever. It was as though a storm had invaded the place, and books of all kinds and genres were littered everywhere. But that was because I had specific titles in mind – which, unfortunately, is a wrong approach to tackle a warehouse sale. The more I strained my eyes and my neck while looking for the books I wanted, the more they evaded me (I kept cursing an innocent author that had a book cover similar to the one I was looking for. It hardly helped that the ‘fake’ book kept appearing on every table). Another thing is that when one is pressed for time, one tends to miss out on a lot of things. This warehouse sale cannot be attempted in two hours.

It was while my mother was paying for some of the, er, spontaneous choices of books that I made, that I spied another few tables that I had yet to browse through. Oh my gawd. Fitz and Nighteyes had been hiding here all the while. My mother was aghast at how easily I swept these books off the tables.

Aiyoh.” She was shaking her head. “Is this for real? You make the payment this time.”

At last... the Skill and the Wit! We know who the Fool is now. That would be me.

There are a few other books still on my ‘to-buy’ list, but I think the purchases I made yesterday should last me for a year or two.

Books make me happy; yes they do. Whee!

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