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Blah. After a few weeks...


After a few weeks of beta testing, the local blog portal the Petaling Street Project was unveiled for public usage yesterday.

I have been feeling frustrated lately, for no apparent reason. As always, I hate it when it happens. Another one of those days when you wish everyone else would just disappear, and the only thing you would like to do is stay in bed for as long as you desire, covering yourself from head to toe.

It was a mistake to bring along that attitude to a presentation I was supposed to do today. When it came to my turn, I just popped in the CD containing my assignment, mumbled a greeting, and proceeded to (briefly) elaborate on the topic. Horrors of horrors, I actually ended every sentence with a ‘blah’. It just slipped off my mouth, and I usually realised it after I finished the sentence. “And this page tells about me and blah. We’ll now click on this page and you’ll see that I have included 2 links here for fast-loading and blah.”

How terrible.

The lecturers did not find fault with my presentation though. Silently, I hoped they were not listening attentively, for they seemed to be concentrating on the screen where my work was projected at. They had earlier commented on the usage of various elements on other students’ websites – however, when it came to mine, they were quiet and did not say anything much, and that left me fidgeting nervously in front of the room. I could not decide if it was a good, or a bad sign. No comments. No advices. Just.. a few seconds’ worth of silence, which was enough to drive me up the wall.

Anyhow, I have to admit that I do lack good presentation skills. I usually mess up when talking in front of a crowd, stuttering and breathing heavily, hands trembling. When I was in primary school, I was suddenly selected to replace someone for a story-telling competition. Word came around only about ten minutes before the competition itself, and I was rushed to the school library for the contest. I was still thinking of the story I would use when my name was called. Suffice to say, I did a bad job (I chose the Grasshopper and the Ants story, or something similar) and the teacher who judged the performance picked on my ‘inability’. “See, next time, students should come well-prepared…” but I was already halfway through the door, leaving quickly after having made a fool out of myself.

I know it has been a blah day, but still.

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