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Stick around, and don't let me...

Stick around, and don’t let me open you up again.

So they say clothes maketh a man.

I wear a new blue t-shirt, and a friend said I looked sexy (cue roll eyes). That was probably last month, and only she noticed that it was indeed, a new shirt. And I shall emphasize: it is a normal shirt, so I do not share her sentiments of me looking uh, good, in it.

I wear a Finding Nemo watch on my left arm, and everyone else laughed at me (cue grumpy face). I had a valid excuse to defend myself with, of course.

Most of my friends noticed the watch because it was pretty big on my wrist. Some friends raised their eyebrows, others commented it was cute. But all of them knew it was an odd choice for me. “You don’t look like one who’d buy this watch!” one exclaimed. She certainly knows me well. Not very well, but good enough. She was also my roommate for two years.

Gone were the days when I used to have three Garfield shirts of blinding colours. That was about eight years ago (has it been that long? I feel old), when I was a crazy fan of the big orange cat. Apparently, I do not wear anything too colourful or cartoonish now. Friends are more used to seeing me wear the same old stuff everyday, which are mostly made up of dark and dull colours such as black and navy blue – more so there was hardly any need to pay any attention to me. Automatically, you are perceived as one who does not bother to keep up with the current fashion trend, failing to brighten up the wardrobe with more acceptable colours for a young woman, like uhm, pink (shudder).

On my part, my regular watch ran out of battery last Sunday – and (in)conveniently enough, the new watch had arrived two days before that. At least I was spared of headaches of having to buy myself a new watch, or to have the old one repaired immediately. To be honest, I quite like the new watch. Undoubtedly, it looked funny on my arm, a big round something sticking out – and of course, with the amusing pair of Marlin and Dory in it, both giving cheeky grins back at me from the deep blue sea.

Probably what could be even scarier, was the fact that I harboured evil thoughts of my old watch when I had received the new one on Friday. I was wondering when would I need to have its battery replaced (simply because I could not remember it being done before), so that I may have a chance to try out the new watch. It could be coincidence that the battery did choose to die out within the next two days; or that my old watch, besides having hands, owns a pair of ears too. A pair of ears that could hear my thoughts, my mind.

However, I really do think that my name is synonymous with coincidence. There has been too many bizarre events that has happened to me in life to denote so.

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