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Many questions. Like children often do.

Many questions. Like children often do.

I try not to feel too down, but apparently it is easier said than done. I keep thinking about it all the time. Come to think of it, I admit – I have probably been exaggerating in my previous posts about my condition. However, let us just say it is not your typical ‘flick-away’ illness of fever and flu, and not everyone has it. The doctor did, however, asked why did I not seek medical consultation earlier, which sounded like a gentle scolding to me. I just replied “Uh…” and let it drifted away as she fiddled with her stethoscope.

Well, I did not really want everyone else to worry about me. As it is, I currently have trouble concentrating on my work.

Other than that, I feel absolutely fine, I feel normal. But somewhere in my body, it is not.

Those crazy thoughts of mine will not rest until I receive the medical results.. soon.

Being the paranoid person that I am, I resorted to, of all things, palm reading. And learned a few new things along the way – about palmistry in general; and of myself, of course.

Apparently, there is this theory which stated that the left hand is more about the subconscious – and it basically carves the way your life will be. On the other hand – the right hand, that is – the lines will change every now and then, because it reflects the conscious you. Overall, your potential at birth is revealed in your left hand; and your adult self is represented in your right hand.

I wonder how it will be like, for people with three hands. But then again, I doubt there is anyone walking around with three arms, today.

I probably should have paid more attention to Madam Zorra when she was running her weekly columns on the local newspaper.

There are some of us who tend to believe in these things. Some are skeptical. Which do you belong to? I do not know the answer for sure, should I pose the same question to myself. I seemed to enjoy reading about the lines on my palm when it comes to telling the good and positive stuff out of it. However, when it tells of something bad, alarm bells just start to ring, and you wonder if you should continue reading or just leave things be.

I think it all boils down to whether you believe in fate, in destiny. I wish I could have the answer to that question myself.

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