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More pills yet to come.

More pills yet to come.

Every once in a while, you tend to think and wonder if you made the right decision, chose to walk down the right path. A choice may not be necessarily right nor wrong; neither can you depend on anyone else to give you a yes-or-no answer. Rather, it depends heavily on what you can make out of it. Only then, you will be able to say for sure, that it is either a positive or a negative – a right or a wrong.

These few days I have been bombarded by joyful declarations from a friend, who claimed that she enjoyed doing one of her assignments very much. She worked tirelessly, seemingly addicted to her work, and I am certain that she will be able to achieve excellent results for this trimester. To be honest, I got tired of hearing her talking about how she would spend hours perfecting her work, her dedication and her enthusiasm; nevertheless, I am happy for her. Happy that she does not treat her work as solely ‘work’; rather, it became more of a pleasurable task for her – her interest in it would not wane; her spirits in it will continue to soar.

That, I think, implies that she has indeed made the right choice in pursuing her selected major.

I, too, harboured my own suspicions and doubts to the decisions I made a few months ago. Forks. Junctions. Crossroads. I was caught between two choices, but after much careful selection, I made a decision. The decision. Still waiting for a sign, to denote something positive and encouraging, out of it.

I am still not convinced if I made the ‘right’ choice. However, today’s happenings seemed to indicate so – things seemed to inch, albeit very slowly, to a turn for the better. I was delighted, and I thought my efforts were rewarded. I took it as a sign – the sign I had been waiting for, of course.

I am not sure how long will it last, before things start acting up, prompting me to think twice.

But so far, it has been good.

On an entirely different note, chatting with lecturers via messaging clients has been a rather new.. and odd experience.

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