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Dum de dum. Really.

Dum de dum. Really.

I still think chatting with lecturers through messaging clients can be a rather odd experience. You get to listen to them rant about their students, and yet you get to talk to them about your passion and interests. In this case, it was good to talk about music, in general.

You get to unearth juicy information from the lecturers’ personal lives as well. Juicy in the sense that, you would never expect them to announce it to their students in the classroom – but rather, on real chatting terms between cups of coffee and the likes of it.

It was fun, but it made me wary. What if the lecturer calls out your handle one day, asking you to answer a question (“surferdude82! What do you think would be the best way to make the shapes blend into a one-eyed-parrot?”)? Other than having difficulties pronouncing alphanumeric nicknames and monikers, your friends would also know of your identity, because they already have the privilege of adding you into their contact list earlier. Or would you prefer to let yourself be known, silently approaching the lecturer and revealed, “Oh, we’ve been chatting last night, if you remember my nickname ‘krazeegerl249’?”

Naturally, when we chat in the virtual world, we are bound to hide behind monikers and handles, leaving others to guess who we are. Probably that is the fun and suspense of having conversations behind the screen, using only your fingers to type furiously in response to others’ words.

Anyway, the lecturer was making guesses on who I am (“Are you the one who always sits at my right with all the other Chinese girls?”) but no, did not get anywhere close, thankfully. However, thanks to the ever efficient namelist, the lecturer managed to get my real name (and I promptly typed a ‘damn’ into the message window).

If you remember, I am supposed to be this discreet and unnoticeable thing in class. Apparently it is not working out the way I want it to.

On another note, could not stand staring at the previous layout. I hated it. Blood test was out; nothing too bad. Like I said, I still needed some pills.

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