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Three years ago:

“Oh my.. Strizzt dropped a comment on my website!”

That brought me a smile back then, for I was amused at how a simpleton like me could have brightened up someone’s day by merely sharing an opinion or two on a particular topic. Then again, I might be grinning from ear to ear, too, should a prominent and respected writer drop a few words on Rantglass.

Three weeks ago:

“Thanks for dropping by, Strizzt! New guests at my website will be served with tea and cookies. Enjoy!”

My, my. How times have changed…

That brought me a smile too, but there was an exception: I was not a new guest at that website – it is just that I rarely do much commenting these days. I feel more at ease now lurking in the shadows these days, and to let others have the limelight. I know it will die out soon enough. Some things do not last.

I cannot help but feel a bit annoyed when approached for a link exchange – again, and by the same person. Apparently, the link to my website has already been taken off (I still have the link to the other website on my list of links). No more link exchanges, please. I shall link as and when I like it.

On another note, wonders of wonders – I received a bill for the broadband connection that I had supposedly cancelled a few months back, due to this case. Time to resume the volleying of phone calls…

“Er.. looks like your account has not been deactivated. The bill is still running,” said a representative from the reseller’s office.
“So what about the bills?”
“Don’t pay lah.”

Yeah, and risk getting on the blacklisted list. Thanks a lot. Obviously, I am not going to pay a cent for something that I did not even use (they took back the modem, remember?). And all this came about just as I was about to subscribe to a slightly more affordable tertiary (ahem!) package! Looks like there is hardly a compatible relationship between me and the broadband connection service provider. Alternatives!

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